Get notified of resets and other timers in your Discord server by a customizable webhook.


Notification given at drawing time

Notification given 1 hour before reset

Notification given 1 hour before reset

Notification given 30 minutes before reset

Notification given on tournament start, and 1 hour before tournament end

Notification given 15 minutes before voyage

Notification given 10 minutes after rankings update


Add to Discord Server

Clicking “Add” will redirect you to Discord's website to select a server and channel.

Removing from your server: Click “Edit Channel” > “Webhooks” > “X”.

Changing your selections: Remove it and re-create it.

Changing the portrait: Click “Edit Channel” > “Webhooks” > “Edit”. Editing the name will have no effect, only the icon may be changed.

Made by Aurora Sundae (Excalibur). If you find this useful, consider supporting me on Patreon.

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